Just Up Blogging

Another night of drinking that’s come to an end, also another night spent alone with no friend. So I sit down and think how stupid I must be, because my brain is so fried and you won’t stay with me. I feel for you I really do, but I can’t take back what I’ve done to you, and if I could I’d go so far that father time would do it all over, just to have you next to me laying your head on my shoulder. It’s a crazy little thing called love but it’s not that crazy to me, how you take away my pain and fill it with beauty. You see the good in everyone even a soul like me, but do you really feel the heat that only beats for thee? This heart I’m talking about is the one in my chest, if said I love you once then you should know the rest. I’d wait outside your window til you awake and find me there, then take me in the morning slowly love stroking your hair. This is a love song baby if only you knew, that nobody else makes me feel the way you do.


Sneak Peek at My Book

Well another cigarette ash, another beer can in the trash, and one more thing here’s some blogging for that ass. I looked into the window of an old broken home, nobody was there to answer, no one to pick up the phone. The front door was open so I let myself in, the wind hollered and blew bringing the cold air in. A rocking chair, a radio and some old tennis shoes, stories of an old cop made front page in the news. I pace back and forth across the hardwood floors, and take a good look around at all the windows and doors. My entrance was easy but my escape will be a struggle, as long as no one knows I’m here I won’t get in any trouble. I climb up the stairs just to venture the house, I heard sounds from my left it’s probably a mouse. Moving forward I get closer to the first room door, what awaits me behind it I’m not really sure. I reach out for the knob and as I start to turn, the cold air hits my back and the chill starts to burn. I push the door open and what do I see, it’s the bathroom and to be honest I had to pee. I close the door behind me and begin to piss, but my body was telling me to sit down and shit. I go to sit down and relax on the throne, wake up and realize i was in my own home.

This is something small that i just made up to see what kind of reaction i would get. Being that my last two posts didn’t get noticed at all. This will be in my me book called Barely At Home coming in June 2015 hope you like it so far.


So another day, another sentence. Day two of blogging and it seems like the only thing keeping me on track. Not a lot of people read them but it helps get a lot of stuff of your chest and outta your mind. Lol, like there’s this girl who I’ve been dying to see but the feeling isn’t so mutual. Short, glasses, cute, half a shaved head, smile is a thing of beauty, charming as all get out, and most of all she’s my ex girlfriend of 6½ years. I broke up with her to be alone and now that I am, I miss her now more than ever. We’ve spent our whole lives together basically and it’s gotten to the point where needing her has made me sick. Not physically sick, but more along the lines of being mentally unstable and emotionally broken. But listen to me talk about my problems, this is a blog a place where people share their thoughts and feelings, not their life stories. I’m a writer it’s what we do, we sit down and think of what the people want to read and then BAM!! It hits us like a raging bull at a Mexican with a red cloak screaming “Toro, toro”. Hahaha that made me laugh for a second, but back to the situation at hand. So my ex girlfriend and I have planned on getting married and living a wonderful life together with a couple kids and some pets, the usual dream life. Although I’m not such a good person, but maybe the one good thing I’ve ever done was just her go and get her life back. We used to argue and fight way too much and at such a young age I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into until this sweet innocent soul found me and wrecked it all. Don’t get me wrong she was always good to me but at times I think I took her for granted. Note: Fellas if you have a good lady that does nothing but argue and fight with you she’s definitely a keeper, no matter what people say about her.

In my experience of women I’ve met the good, the bad, the ugly, and the worst. The good are those who want to know your every move, they want to know who you talk to, they want to be noticed at all times, they want memorable moments not sad ones, they want quality time, you know the lovey dovey type stuff. These are the ones who are quiet at parties, they say very little but when they do talk it puts you in this trance like cupid shot you 5 times and there’s no turning back. This is the smart and very aggressive female population right here. These are your CEO types, your managerial types, the ones who do the most work behind the scenes, keep these ones by your side at all times and you’ll be glad she nags you.

The bad ones aren’t really that bad they just aren’t right for you. The bad women are the ones who try to shadow the good ones but are totally different on so many levels. Michael Jackson’s song “Bad” was inspired by a bad woman hence the song that came after Bad titled “Dirty Diana”. He spoke truth in that song but, only about one woman. How she would sneak out to concerts and flirt with the band members, party every night making you worry sick about her, tell you she’s going to one place and you find out she’s at another, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, have you on the edge of a cliff and just when you’re about to go in for the kiss she pushes you. Lol tragic way to die right? I don’t think bad women choose to be the way they are. They maybe just stumbled upon it from a mother or an aunt or an older sister or a cousin who’s been in terrible relationship after terrible relationship until finally she’s had enough and like Peter Piper she plays a new song and controls your every move. Wow surprised? Me too but lets get back to it shall we? So, to really sum it up don’t mess with a bad woman’s heart cuz it could get ugly and believe when you read how they are you won’t believe your eyes.

So you’ve met the bad, we’ve all lost the good but have you ever encountered the ugly? It’s not so much in the facial or body recognition but in the mind. Ugly women have a very dark past and when pushed too far, all hell breaks loose. Ugly women have attitudes for no reason, mood swings uncontrollable, anger issues, and fire in their eyes. These are the ones you don’t buy drinks for at the bar, the ones who never really make friends only slaves as friends. They always do what she wants to do, go where she wants to go, and gossip about your life but not hers in front of you and other people. They aren’t afraid of anything. Now unless you like to fight every night for the rest of your life and I pray for you my brother. Ugly women have come to me and I’ve seen them get uglier and uglier by the second. Another note: If you should encounter an ugly woman compliment her on something small and walk away leaving your interests a mystery and leaving her to find out what your intensions really are. I can’t help much from there because I’m not to fond of ugly women but if you can handle attitude, mood swings, and fighting with a woman, then go for it.

Now some of you maybe thinking, well he talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly. But what about the worse women? What really is a worse woman you ask? Well sit back and I’ll tell you everything. The worst when are the bad ones and the ugly ones wrapped up in a taco with fire sauce and dared to be eaten. These are your frequent party goers’, the damsels in distress, the I’ll call you after two weeks girls. You’ve seen them before, always the center of attention, the whole club stares at her, men buy her drinks and grovel at her feet, women despise her because they know she’s trouble, and yet we still fall for that girly charm that they always put out. They talk to multiple guys at a time and when situations come up they go for the guy with the bigger wallet not the kindest heart. You’re lucky to even have a heart if you stay around long enough. I’ve had my share of disappointment and heart ache from one of the worse women and she was good, real good. Had me wanting to leave my girlfriend and buy her a car but then I snapped out real quick. But I also had help from her friends. She gave up the goods on the first day, asked me personal questions like she wanted to start something, she tricked me into giving her $250 worth of clothes and I don’t think I’ll ever see that money again. But to add another note: Fellas if you know anybody like this my advice is get out while you still can cause if you wait, you might not get that chance later on.

Well that’s seems to be it for me I’ve been writing all day and I’ll finally get some sleep but I wanna leave the world with this quote: “Life is always what you make it, so don’t fuck around and get lost because you’ll find yourself in a cesspool of regret”. It’s 2:53 Eastern Standard Time and that’s all she wrote.

Day One of Blogging

So I woke up today looking out of my Ivy tower and saw nothing but desperation and weak minded cockroaches. The people of this city are dying from lack of realism and intelligence and I figure with the knowledge trapped in my big head. Just trying this blogging out and it’s a good way to start something big in such a small place. So tell me what you guys think.